Naturalism commands us to believe that mud somehow produced mind.

I don’t take orders.


heh. XKCD for Emacs

Seriously! Its an ELPA package. I just installed it and it works. Totally, freaking cool.

xkcd is an installed package.

Status: Installed in `~/.emacs.d/elpa/xkcd-20140226.2347/'.
Version: 20140226.2347
Requires: json-1.3
Summary: View xkcd from Emacs

emacs-xkcd uses the JSON interface provided by xkcd (
to fetch comics.
Comics can be viewed offline as they are stored by default in
For more information, visit
This file is not a part of GNU Emacs.


X-Plane 10 runs on Slackware64 14.1 (with Alien Bob’s 32 compatability libs)


My Dos install shot itself by installing an update I did not ask for as I was shutting down the computer. It warned ominously “do not turn of your computer”.

Yeah, up yours micorsoft it’s my freaking computer and I did not ask you for a darn update nor did you ask me for permission to install it.

So, I shut down the computer.

On next boot to dos (to #uninstall firefox, btw) the boot tried to load a dll, flubalated and frazzled itself. It also toasted the lilo installation on that disk.

Trying to re-install would not happen because the perfectly good partition, with files still on it, and visible and mountable from linux, was not usable for dos (winderz 7 btw).

Well, the only think of value on the dos install was X-plane 10. Since I got the Alien Bob’s 32 bit compat libs installed, and had previously had an install of Ubuntu that ran X-plane-10, I figured what the heck.

It worked. Totally, freaking awesome.

Now, what to install on that old dos partition. I am thinking open solaris or a BSD variant….

Opaltone is not the name, but I am getting closer!

There is a color scheme that I have always liked that I do not know the name for. However, it can be viewed here:

Opaltone At the site, select [Color Space]->[Opaltone Colors] from the menu.

The muted blend of colors that appear no matter what which pallette is chosen (mono, compliment, triad, tetrad, analogic, highlighted analogic) is what something I have
always found appealing.

Looking at the graph in the lower left panel, I am noticing that the radius of the dots from the center is consistent. Perhaps that is the property that defines the color scheme.

I am not there yet! but I am closer!

The Absolute Value of |woot!|

I am trying to move my study notes from legal-pads and the back-sides of recycled printer paper into LaTeX and I am making progress.

I have my math studies stubbed out, and with AucTeX, I am starting to relearn all the math I have forgotten–starting with simple Algebra.
The Algebra is easy, but the LaTex has been a learning curve. Until now…(:



Note to self: Study Mendels raw data

This outmoded thinking grew from seeds planted 150 years ago by Gregor Mendel, the monk who studied peas. Mendel spent seven years breeding peas in a five-acre monastery garden in the town of Brno, now part of the Czech Republic. He crossed plants bearing wrinkled peas with those bearing smooth peas, producing 29,000 plants altogether. When he was done and he had run the numbers, he had exposed the gene.

This was the Holy Shit! moment that launched genetics’ Holy Shit! century

Mendel didn’t expose the physical gene, of course (that would come a century later), but the conceptual gene. And this conceptual gene, revealed in the tables and calculations of this math-friendly monk, seemed an agent of mathematical neatness. Mendel’s thousands of crossings showed that the traits he studied — smooth skin versus wrinkled, for instance, or purple flower versus white — appeared or disappeared in consistent ratios dictated by clear mathematical formulas. Inheritance appeared to work like algebra. Anything so math-friendly had to be driven by discrete integers.

It Was Probably a Thesis That Was Due in the Morning

McConnell, McCain on the McAshHeapOfHistory

Great point from the Tea Party Patriots:

One thing the establishment has long misunderstood about the Tea Party is we don’t want show votes that may or may not matter in a year, two years, or the next election. That Beltway strategy was supposed to win Republicans the Presidency and the Senate in 2012; it is now on the ash heap of history. The American people want strong, decisive action that will actually make a difference. Show votes are great for politicians; actual defunding is great for the rest of us. –

Note To Self: Suzy Bogguss Someday Soon

Note to Self: Suzy Bogguss and Chet Atkins