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The way God answers a prayer..

I have been fulminating a lot over the evil that is our Federal Government at all levels–Obama, Congress, Three-Letter-Agencies–etc.

I pray for our Liberty and the America I love. Like many Americans, I am angry, repentant for my part in her trials and ready to kick these bastards out and get about being free people again.

“God?”, I prayed, again, as I was putting away a grocery cart. Looking up I saw a vanity plate on the front of a car that read: “Prayer changes things”

I knew with that look that God was answering me. To those who know God and Jesus, the experience is quite familiar. To those who do not–well, you do not.

God said “Yes, America will be restored”

Grace and Peace.


Chewsterton Orthodoxy

Glad I read it.

Chesterton’s prose gets tiresome after while.

His apologetics are wonderful.

Note To Self: William Lane Craig

My first intro to William Lane Craig was via a comment on Doug Wilson’s Blog and Mablog and I was not impressed with what I saw. I saw a boilerplate, non-seeing Baptist.

Commenter Mudz’ link at Vox Popoli disabused me of that notion.

I concur with C.S. Lewis’ observation on the enlivening nature of the transition from a tin-man to being a little Christ being both in-comprehensibly alien and simultaneously human; Human in Christ. It really is quite amazing how rich it is becoming.

What a pleasure to just shut up and listen to such fine minds.

Five Solae

Pastor Doug Wils’ Blog and Mablog is a joy; I learn something new most days I stop by.

For example, he writes:

Tullian is fighting for sola gratia. Rick is fighting for sola fide.

And before my first cup of coffee is finished, I have learned 2 new things:

  • That there are Five Solae
  • Phrases I have heard for most of my life–‘by faith alone’ and ‘by grace alone’–are part of a context of thinking I was not aware of, until two sips ago

    What a happy day.

Its not a debate, we agree, we are not the same people

Sooper Mexican has a post on the Dems being true to their ideals and incorporating them into their political platform; those ideals are hostile to God.

Now, I use the word ‘God’ to refer to the God of Abraham and Isaac (God Laughs)–and the Father of my saviour Jesus the Christ.

It is good to see a people acknowledging what we all know to be true.

The American Left hates God.

So, now that we agree, lets cut the b.s. and move on to the next thing we all know to be true.

We know how this ends.

How To Be A Godly Blogger

Well, I guess one must start.

Now, then, where to begin.


With a Godly man, the teacher I most admire; the first to treat me as a human being.

John Lamb.

God bless you John Lamb. Lord knows you have been a blessing to me.

Hey! Man!

Here he is with Duke Ellington

p.s. awesome bass player…better than Mingus if you ask me (:

Obama’s America is Mexico 1929

I found this via The Anchoress and was struck how similar it is to what Jonah Goldberg wrote about in Liberal Fascism and how redundant it is with Obama the Kenyan. Same playbook, same themes, same small, damned men.

Bring it you commie bastards.

Saying a prayer for Sipsey Street

The man is ill and needs our prayers.

I am praying for him

Thank you God for your myriad blessings

1 Peter 3:4 and Tony Dungy

“Let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price” (1 Peter 3:4).

Which is what God blessed us with in Tampa when Tony Dungy coached the bucs.

Tony Dungy’s tenure in Tampa was only incidentally about football–to great effect. The larger effect was and is the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit.

Thank’s God.

Thank you Coach.