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A prayer for American Vets

Thank you.


A corallary to Linus’ law

Given enough eyeballs, the NSA is fucked.


On losing the trust of the governed

You have already lost their consent; you just don’t realize it, yet.

So, when you do, what will you do?


You have lost the benefit of the doubt

You can sow doubt; it will no longer take root.
You can argue, but we are done listening.
You are seen for what you are, we no longer doubt that you are the evil.
You presume to govern; we no longer consent to your rule

You are the Ruling Class;we are the Country Class.

You are fucked.

I approve.


We may be witnessing the birth of the Tea Party as a formal political party

I think the Ruling-Class Republicans will do what they have been doing since 2010–embrace and extend. They will embrace the Tea Party outrage, but then drag it out and extend it enough that Tea Party interests–constitutional interests–are not address. See Fast and Furious, Obamacare, Open Borders, Spending, sound money….

With the evil of tyrannical government now there for everybody to see, and with the malfeasance of the Ruling Class in supporting that government, the rational choice will be a third party. That is the Tea-Party.

The infrastructure to build a true political infrastructure is already in place. Its major voices: Palin, Paul, Cruz are articulate, principled and popular (in contrast to Karl Rove, Boehner, McConnnel and now Rubio)

I hope I am wrong. I hope that the Ruling-Class Republicans wake up and smell the tyranny. I hope that Boehner appoints a special committee and blogs open borders bills coming from the Senate. I hope Rubio smells the evil and filibusters the gang-of-eight bill. I hope Issa has Holder arrested for contempt, I hope the house defunds obamacare. Experience has shown that political hope is misplaced.

Honest Americans–Constitutionalists–will place their political hopes in honest brokers.

Newt Gingrich’s positive, bold and un-abashadly conservative platform

Via Cold Fury, comes a platform I can support.

In the next few days, we’re going to develop the equivalent of the contract from 1994, except this is going to be a personal one between me and you, because I’m asking you to make me president and therefore, I have a personal responsibility. It’s going to come in two parts. Part one is conditional and requires your help. Part two, I can do if I win the election, without having to condition it.

Part one only works if you help me and we run a team campaign, which means, by the way, we have to replace Bill Nelson with a conservative.

But if you help us, and in addition to winning the presidency, we elect a Republican Senate and a Republican House, I will ask them on January 3rd to stay in office, and I will ask them to immediate pass the repeal of Obama-care.

I will ask them to immediately pass the repeal of the Dodd-Frank bill, which is killing housing, killing small business and killing independent banks.

And I will ask them to pass the repeal of Sarbanes- Oxley, which is crippling American businesses with no net profit.

And my goal is to have all three bills sitting there, waiting, so the minute I am sworn in, I can sign all three and we’re off to a pretty good opening morning.
Now those three promises are conditional. We have to win the Senate by a big enough margin to manage it and we have to increase our strength in the House. Help me do that, I’ll do those three.

Now let me tell you some things and we’re going to put this together in a way that you’ll be able to see in writing with my signature and you’ll be able to hold me accountable. There are a series of executive orders I can issue that the Congress can’t stop as long as they’re within the law. The very first executive order will abolish all of the White House czars as of that moment.

We will issue immediately an executive order on the same day. All of this is going to happen about two hours after the inaugural address.

OK? No point in hanging out and having fun. Before we get to go to the various balls that night, we’re going to have a work period. This is going to be a working presidency.

Suck it, Jenifer Rubin

One vote for Newt in Orlando

Just made by me.

Dear Ruling Class Republicans, go to hell.

Shlub Club Frisbeetarian Makes It Anywhere

The reason this sign is here

is God.

Glenn Beck knows it and is having some fun with it.

Michelle Bachmann wins Iowa Straw poll


So far, you have my vote.

Perry is in, and Palin may be running.

We will see, but so far, you are it.

Thank you for running and fighting the good fight.

Army of Davids, Sipsey Street Irregulars edition

Sipsey Street Irregulars is leading the fight on the Gun Walker and other assorted crimes.

The campaign for the truth of the Gunwalker Plot is perhaps the most lopsided contest in history, save David and Goliath. In fact, it has been generated and sustained by such improbabilities that it impossible not to see the hand of God in it.

I keep getting information back that those on the other side, the “EeBeeGees” (Evil Bad Guys) of the plot and cover-up, are obsessed to find out whose “intelligence community” pawn I am. “They can’t believe,” one source said, “that you are able to do this on your own. They just KNOW that you are the tool of somebody more powerful. They’re trying to figure out who in the bureaucracy is doing them in.”

Of course, the open secret is that I don’t do this on my own, but they discount the obvious fact that small groups of “powerless” people can defeat their power. It must be the result of insidious conspiracy on the part of other powerful people or groups.

Well, thieves always think someone is stealing from them and liars are convinced that they are being lied to.

It is perhaps not so surprising, given the fact that diligent, determined citizenship has been so rare in this country for so long, that it should be unrecognized when applied citizenship unexpectedly punches the “EeBeeGees” of the Imperial Federal government in the gut with the binary weapon of mass destruction they most fear — truth and light.

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