The “Moral Imperitive” of taking in Syrian refugees.

Both Kissinger and Albright have urged Americans to take in more “refugees”

They do this by appealing to our moral sense; “it is the right thing to do, therefore we should do it”.

Since morals are universal, it follows that they apply in Israel too. Therefore, Israel should take in more refugees too.

I am not aware of Israel taking any of the “refugees” currently invading Europe.

I look forward to Kissinger and Albright urging Israel to do the same.

As an American, it makes sense that Kissinger’s and Albright’s experiment happen there. We can view the success of the endeavor remotely.
The “tolerance” of both sides will be on full display and we can judge the motives of the refugees; if the ‘tolerant refugees’ can integrate into Israel then we can safely assume they can integrate into America.

Two generations should be a good length of time for this judgement.


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