X-Plane 10 runs on Slackware64 14.1 (with Alien Bob’s 32 compatability libs)


My Dos install shot itself by installing an update I did not ask for as I was shutting down the computer. It warned ominously “do not turn of your computer”.

Yeah, up yours micorsoft it’s my freaking computer and I did not ask you for a darn update nor did you ask me for permission to install it.

So, I shut down the computer.

On next boot to dos (to #uninstall firefox, btw) the boot tried to load a dll, flubalated and frazzled itself. It also toasted the lilo installation on that disk.

Trying to re-install would not happen because the perfectly good partition, with files still on it, and visible and mountable from linux, was not usable for dos (winderz 7 btw).

Well, the only think of value on the dos install was X-plane 10. Since I got the Alien Bob’s 32 bit compat libs installed, and had previously had an install of Ubuntu that ran X-plane-10, I figured what the heck.

It worked. Totally, freaking awesome.

Now, what to install on that old dos partition. I am thinking open solaris or a BSD variant….


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