Time to hit the lying bastards in the wallet

MaxedOutMama I Want To Bear Richard Fisher’s Cognitive Children relays a simple truth as told by the Dallas Fed.

My team at the Dallas Fed and I are confident this simple treatment to the complex problem and risks posed by TBTF institutions would be the most effective treatment. Think about it this way: At present, 99.8 percent of the banking organizations in America are subject to sufficient regulatory or shareholder/market discipline to contain the risk of misbehavior that could threaten the stability of the financial system. Zero-point-two percent are not..

And that is how we beat these bastards. Obama, Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, Bernanke, Geitner, Shumer, McCain, …pick any of these Ruling Class schmucks and ask yourself, ‘How Do I Hurt Them’.

Its easy, put your fingers in their cash drawer; they lose it, every time. I mean they FREAKING LOSE IT when somebody touches ‘their’ money. Its a blast to watch their world wither beneath them as the source of their power is removed.


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