Dear Mitch Berg, Up Yours;with Earlaps

Up yours.

If Willard-The Rat-Romney is your nominee, then I want you and the rest of the GOP establishment to feel the pain. While I am a registered republican, I am first a constitutional conservative.
I have been listening to arguments like yours since Bush–it was a mistake!–I.

Since Bob–whatever!–Dole.
Since Bush–er,ug,a,wuh-II.
Since John–‘my friends’–McCain.

All enemies (yes, enemies–in fact, if not word) of conservationism.

No, Mitch.

Its personal now. If Willard is the nominee, then I want to make you cry.
I want to see you pan-handling in the streets, because your income stream–the tit of my money in D.C. –is not in your control. When you hold your hat out for alms, I will spit in it and then on you.

Then I will bitch-slap you.

I will then be working to destroy every damned rino I know locally and nationally.

So, Mitch–You take a deep breath if you and your ilk succeed in foisting another rino on us. Then bend over, because I am going to shove those 10 points your wrote about right up your ass–with ear laps.


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