Army of Davids, Sipsey Street Irregulars edition

Sipsey Street Irregulars is leading the fight on the Gun Walker and other assorted crimes.

The campaign for the truth of the Gunwalker Plot is perhaps the most lopsided contest in history, save David and Goliath. In fact, it has been generated and sustained by such improbabilities that it impossible not to see the hand of God in it.

I keep getting information back that those on the other side, the “EeBeeGees” (Evil Bad Guys) of the plot and cover-up, are obsessed to find out whose “intelligence community” pawn I am. “They can’t believe,” one source said, “that you are able to do this on your own. They just KNOW that you are the tool of somebody more powerful. They’re trying to figure out who in the bureaucracy is doing them in.”

Of course, the open secret is that I don’t do this on my own, but they discount the obvious fact that small groups of “powerless” people can defeat their power. It must be the result of insidious conspiracy on the part of other powerful people or groups.

Well, thieves always think someone is stealing from them and liars are convinced that they are being lied to.

It is perhaps not so surprising, given the fact that diligent, determined citizenship has been so rare in this country for so long, that it should be unrecognized when applied citizenship unexpectedly punches the “EeBeeGees” of the Imperial Federal government in the gut with the binary weapon of mass destruction they most fear — truth and light.

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