When McConnell Hands You a Lemon..

Make some Tea!

With the Tea Party rejection of McConnell’s gaff, comes an opportunity to change the terms of debate.

Another Black Conservative touches on this idea.

If Washington was forced to live “pay check to pay check” like so many Americans have to, it would quickly find that it would be forced to make real and drastic cuts to spending.
For the first time in history, Washington would have to do away with duplicate departments, failed programs, crazy projects, corporate welfare, subsides, non-essential military spending and of course congressional and executive perks. Furthermore, the American people would actually get to see exactly what the welfare state is costing them. Will Americans be willing to pay for lavish things like free presicription drugs for all seniors regardless of their income? Or will Americans be willing to give the children of illegal aliens a free college education instead or paying for infrastructure improvements? Faced with such stark choices, would Americans continue to be so passive about government spending? I doubt it.

Here is Senator Marco (Awesome) Rubio on El-Rushbo’s show.

But let me tell you one thing, Rush, that no one said yet or maybe they have, the fact that payments on Social Security and Medicare may stop is a stinging indictment and a wake-up call. What Americans should realize, “Hold on a second, my Social Security check and my Medicare benefits are borrowed? The money that you’re using to pay for my Social Security are borrowed? I thought I paid into a trust fund. I thought I worked my whole life to pay into some system and now you’re paying my money back and you’re claiming that the money is being borrowed?” That’s what they’re basically conceding when they’re saying this.

Pat at And So it Goes in Shreveport makes Rubio’s case

As far as average Americans being involved or connected to the debate? Let’s just say that Obama got the attention of many of them yesterday when he suggested that Social Security checks may not go out next month. I can’t even begin to tell you the fear this struck in my 87 year old mother. She’s panicked and distraught.

“But how can he do that?” she cried. “I paid into Social Security! Your father paid into Social Security! He served his country in the war! That’s our money we paid into that!”

So, how do we make lemon tea off of Mr. Sourpuss?

Well, Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid are a start.

Some brainstorms.

  • Introduce bills to make Social Security Solvent and make the money un-borrowable by the feds linking the funds directly to the individual
  • Turn Medicare and Medicaid over to the states. Let them pool there resources and compete
  • Fund defense
  • Make the rest of the damn federal government fight over the scraps.

How would it work? I don’t know.

The point is to change the terms of the debate. To move the conversation away from Washington and towards the people.

Update: via Legal Insurrection is this Bill Kristol piece that somewhat fits with the meme but is more strategy for avoiding or minimizing the effect of raising the debt ceiling.

Assume we hit it, with no deal. How do we win from that scenario.

Update: Don Surber says to call Obama’s bluff

But since the White House has not issued a clarification, one must assume he will indeed hold grandma hostage.


Go ahead.

Piss off everyone on Social Security.

According to Gallup, Obama’s job approval among those 65 and older is 39%.

Withholding their checks on a technicality will reduce that number considerably.

This should play:

1. Grandma is pissed that the check she earned is not there.

2. Grandma is pissed that this S.O.B. is throwing trillions of dollars of debt on the backs of her grandcildren.


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