TMH at gets it.

TMH at gets it.

When your premises leave you bewildered by the actions of your foes, perhaps it is time to question your premises? Many conservatives seem to be constitutionally unable to wrap their heads around the fact that we have a US President actively intent on destroying this country. So we get these nonsense discussions about which policy is best and why is Obama not following this or that “best” policy…

Start from this premise conservatives. Obama is actively set on destroying this country. Now take a look at his policies…makes sense now don’t they? Now all of a sudden he looks pretty darn bright doesn’t he? Never, NEVER underestimate your opponent, it will get you beaten like a step-child every single time. This guy is getting EVERY single question on a test wrong and we still think he is stupid…not deliberately flunking the test.

I would add that the Marxist In Chief has a pretty thin playbook as well.

Create crisis, pose as the solution, use that to advance statism, repeat.

Where do we see this cycle?

Energy? check.
Foreign Policy? check.
Monetary Policy? check.
Fiscal Policy? check.
Education? check.
2nd Amendment? (see operation Fast and Furious) check.
Industry? check.

Now, what other fundamental things would a Marxist be interested in controlling?

Maritime policy.


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