ABC anchor threatens Bachmann’s kids

That is Don Surber’s headline which I so adroitly copied and pasted, because it serves a larger purpose as a clarion call to conservatives wanting to fight back; Don Surber has just shown us how to do it.

Well done, sir.

Levin and Breitbart have both expressed the idea that the mere chronicling of Left Wing bias–while necessary 20 years ago–is not sufficient anymore.

Breitbart has explicitly called out talk radio–Hannity, Rush, That guy from Atlanta whose name escapes me–as being in this rut and inadequate to the task at hand.

Don Surber’s headline shows us how it is done.

If you think this idea makes sense, please hit Stacy McCain’s tip jar* and then he may pick up on the meme and better minds than mine can run with it.


*I am unemployed, Mr. McCain–sorry I haven’t hit the jar myself as I am flat out broke. If I hit the lotto or powerball, I will fund you for 1 year at 100K. Can you spare a buck so I can buy a lottery ticket? (;


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