Mark Levin’s stats

I found this amazing and enormously heartening. Unfortunately, I can’t find them listed on Mark Levin’s Show Site so I did a rewind on my archived stream of his 6/14/2011 show at about 39 minutes in.

Per The Great One, here they are.
Over the last 4 months there have been…

  • between 6 and 7 million visits to
  • over 600,000 hours of people listening to streams on the site with an average of 64 minutes per visitor (Hey! CBS! 60 Minutes! Levin got you beat by 4 you bastards!
  • over 7 million podcasts downloaded

That is a bucket of awesome, right there.

At the end of the segment, Mark Levin thanks his audience.

No, Mr. Levin.

Thank you!



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