Sister Toldja to Ziegler–stick your kerfuffle where the sun don’t shine.

Some Ziegler dude is urging Palin not to run.

Eric at RedState ably defends him.

Feathers fly, chicken’s squawk, a kerfuffle ensues.

Enter Sister Toldjah stage right:

Let’s turn this away from Palin for a moment and consider another example: I don’t like Mike Huckabee. I don’t think he would be a good president and I would not vote for him, unless I had no other realistic choice than Obama. But I would never say to him, “Governor, don’t you dare run. You can’t win, I just know it, and I’d hate to see you go through all that.” On the contrary, were Huckabee to change his mind and get in the race, I’d say “Fine. Welcome in, and let the competition begin,” because we the voters benefit from a broad choice much more than we do from a few “anointed ones.”*

Which is the smartest, most adult thing I have read on the entire subject of Sarah Palin’s possible candidacy.


*emphasis mine.


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