The Epistle of Whittle ‘The Cult Of Iconography’ –two years later with CNN hosting Republican Debate.

Bill Whittle’s The Cult Of Iconography is a seminal PJTV Afterburner episode and two years later remains a wake-up-call to conservatives to pay attention to the power of images in shaping opinion (and other stuff–he explains it cause he is smart, while I am not)

So, with the epistle of Whittle in mind, lets look at this bit of iconography from Drudge.

Drudge pic of CNN Republican Debate Stage

Free typing here (what else is new, right?) here are my reactions to this iconography

  • sharp
  • rigid
  • disjointed
  • fractured
  • blue dominates red
  • Flowing ‘CNN Politics’ with that nascent ‘O’ to the right, hovers gracefully above a boxed in, small in context, robotic looking “r e p u b l i c a n p r e s i d e n t i a l …”
  • squares
  • lots of horizontal lines
  • podiums designed to distract from the people behind them
  • Hey! Don’t look at them! We are here! In the background

I want to remember this when Palin debates Obama in the presidential debates.

Artsy-Fartsy yours and all that.



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