Obama is not incompetent, he is malicious…

via Right Truth

The latest Washington Post-ABC poll reports that 59% of Americans disapprove of the President’s handling of the economy. The joke is that if Obama ever does anything right, it will be by accident. As Obama steers the nation on a perilous financial course, some still assign a purity of intent to Obama while acknowledging his disastrous failings. Some contend that Obama’s lack of a business degree or business experience has failed him. Other Americans keenly recognize a pattern of premeditation as the nation’s economy plunges into a downward spiral. When it comes to emptying out the U.S. treasury, losing jobs, increasing fuel prices, hiking taxes and “redistributing wealth” – no economics degree is required.

Such a degree is not a prerequisite to socializing this nation to the brink of Marxism. Many pundits have confused inexperience or incompetence with what is in reality – premeditation. Evidence is that policy after policy coming out of the White House appears orchestrated to quash free enterprise and impoverish the middle class. The answer to the following question is critical: What and whose agenda is this?

I am hearing/seeing this false “incompetence” meme everywhere on the right.

Bill Bennett was the last a.m. host I heard with this lame excuse.


He is a commie/marxist.


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