A commenter at Daily Pundit highlights‘s cut through the bullshit the “Ruling” class dishes out.


Over at, which is devoted to calculating statistics using older methods that were “refined and revised” to be less horrific, we find that the broad measure of unemployment today, as calculated using pre-1994 methods, is 22.5%.
Inflation calculated using the pre-1990 method is about 9.8%.
In other words, today’s Misery Index, calculated by the same methods used during the Carter years, is 32.3. The highest point it reached under Carter was 21.98.
Some might quibble about me using the broader measure of unemployment, but most of those who “dropped out of the labor force” during the current depression did so because they couldn’t find work after their unemployment benefits ran out. To pretend that they no longer exert a “miserable” effect on both the economy and the body politic is ludicrous.
Underneath all the statistical lies spewed forth by the government, festering beneath all the “recovery is doing great” bullshit, underneath all the hope and change promises the Teleprompter In Chief babbles, America – the America of real people trying to pay mortgages, feed their families, heat their homes and drive their cars – is in agony, angry, terrified, and convinced that we are ruled by evil, corrupt maniacs.

Evil is here folks.

Reagan, Maggie and JPV beat the commies abroad, we gotta beat those bastard here now. The Bushies didn’t do it and Boner ain’t gonna do it. We the people have to do it.



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