End ‘Embrace Extend Execute’: Boehner must be primaried

Riehl Wolrd View saw this slow motion train-wreck from the beginning when Boehner and Cantor where elected to the top leadership spots.

In software, Eric S Raymond used (coined?) the term “Embrace, Extend, Execute.”  This tactic was used by Microsoft when Java first came out and Microsoft Embraced java technology, Extended it by wrapping it in com components (so they could break the “write once, run anywhere” functionality by extending it with proprietary Microsoft technology that would not run on other platforms) and (happily, failed to) Execute it.

Boehner, who I now label a member in good standing of Codevilla’s ruling class has Embraced the Tea-Party, informing us that No Daylight exists between us and him.

Boehner has now (attempted–we will see how the house votes) to Extend
 our Tea-Party principles so that they will “grow”, “evolve”, “reflect reality” in response to his purposed resolve to keep government big and over-bearing.

Make no mistake. The next step for Boehner is to Execute the passion the Tea-Party has brought to the feds.

Boehner must be stopped.

Boehner must be primaried.



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