I like praying and chatting with God

God is real and the bastard loves us–me, even.

That fact took most of my life to learn and the transition from enmity with God to walking with God has been a horrific process. the SOB walked me through it, even when I did not know the bastard was doing so.

What I really like about God is He is the boss that you can flat-out cuss out.

“God, you son-of-a-bitch”
“God, you bastard”
“God, you are evil–knowing full well that what you created would fall–you sick bastard”
“God, what the fuck, you stupid, asshole, fuck you and where you fucking breathe”

Yep, I have prayed all the above.

Yes, prayed.




Answered in a way that changed me–illogically, irrationaly–and got my attention.

See, that is the nature of sin–I am at enmity with God.


I cannot go where He is.

But, by engaging Him,  He puts a bit of His Bastardliness  into my sorry ass and I change over many painful years.

Years, that, in retrospect, are not so painful and that I now look back on as a gift.

So, here is the deal.

If you are praying to God–That BASTARD!!!–do not fear.

Cuss His sorry ass out.
Kill Him if you can–be a gladiator or an assassin.

But, be honest about it–truly.

Don’t lie, do not pretend.

God is real and He loves us.



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