Dear Pandora Radio, you have made my world a better place……

First, thank you, thank you, thank you.

The music is beautiful.

I have discovered so many new artists via your service–what a gift.

You have made my world a better place.

Here is how you can make it even better:

  • Channels by focus on instrument: string-bass, drums, saxaphone, piano, trumpet, trombone–rumor has it there are other instruments out there.
  • Channels by dynamics: smooth jazz lack of dynamics vs every other genre out there. (Smooth jazz is Dante’s 8’th circle of hell–but its nice if you like mush)
  • Just That Artist. I am very eager to hear everything ever recorded by a particular artist. For example, I am currently playing Gato Barbierie (sp?). I would love to hear everything he ever recorded without having to listen to other stuff.
  • In Jazz (which I love) you get a lot of interpretations of the same song–Girl From Impanena, ’round Midnight’… every one–even if it is the local high school band.




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