Beck and Soros…step 2 subsections a throught e.

Flopping Aces has a link to a version of Glenn’s episode on Soro’s modus operandi.

On a whim, I decided to jot down Glen’s steps:

  1. Form a shadow government.
  2. Control the airways…


On step 2, I accidently wrote “Control the Airways” instead of “Control the Airwaves”

Wait a minute?

What is in the news…

What other things do we see being wrested from us?

Here is a partial list in addition to Glenn’s “Control the Airwaves”. Not really thinking about it, but what is in the news…

a. Airways–i.e. travel.
b. Borders.
c. Food/food supply
d. Energy/Energy supply
e. Medicine/Medicine delivery/Medicine availability.
f. Money supply, Value of,…



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