Flipper McGee. Rest In Peace.

My beloved cat Flipper (aka Flip-Flop) died today at ~11:30 a.m. Dr. Quinn? from Animal Medical Clinic put him to sleep in the back yard on a beautiful day. Flipper was a brave, quiet, dignified cat with a wonderful dash of independence and jauntyness. I truly love him.

His name is Flipper because it took him a while to learn to walk and he would push himself with his hind legs which he could not get upright on. Undaunted, he “paddled” around my office–hence the name “Flipper”.

His mother is Dottie from her first litter. Brother’s Henry (who is very fast), Orangey (died at birth, buried next to him between him and the tree) Edmund who is adopted by Blake and Susan.

I wrapped him in the blue blanket from my bed where he and Henry napped afternoons. He is buried with the right “flip-flop” from my pair of sandals/flip-flops.
I keep the left flip-flop in the living room–a way of keeping him close and part of my everyday.

He is buried between the house and the loquat tree even with the umbrella-tree and the rim of the garden. The umbrella tree and loquat tree are from Moulton drive and have survived these past difficult years with me and my other cats.

I did not bury him right away, but left him in the sunshine in the backyard with the birds singing. Calico Kitty kept watch over him.

Flipper, I love you very much. You are a very brave, peaceful, delightful cat. I will miss how in the evenings, when I was working on the computer, you would sit in front of me and then lay on my chest as I slouched at my desk. I loved how you learned to “be the last cat in” for supper and would only come in about 6:30 pm when all the other cats where in by 5. You would come home to say hello, but very playfully stay out of my grasp until you decided it was time to come in.

God bless you Flipper.

You are my beloved cat.



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