How do we divorce money from ‘the state’

In a America, we can do better than the Fed’s.

Money, in America’s future will be as diverse as its cultures.

Money in America, like America, will be what Her patriots make it

Please add to the list and pass it around:

  • Independent of a “FED” (say “FED”  5 times and try not to wipe your tongue)
  •  A product (my money is better than the other gal’s here is why)
  • the subject of many doctoral thesis of desperate grad students whose ground is shifting under their feet (HELLO MR. KRUGMAN!)

The Statist’s power over us is their continuing acquiescence in the fiction that our time (as represented in $) is theirs.

These fools, think of us a peasants.

 I used to work for fools like this.

Wanna mess with them?

Mess with their cash-register.



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