I am looking for a voice instructor

Long story to follow; here is the short of it.

Young man, poor, drug addict,no money, mis-education who found himself in (God, then) arts, goes into engineering, cooks his way through school, dumps it all to fly airplanes (blows credit rating and goes massively in debt) and grows older. First loves asserting themselves, poetry, music, literature…..

I am looking for a voice coach….

talking with a producer friend of mine at a local watering hole, the name “Mannny Lujas” has come up. (Actually, my friend could only remember “Manny ‘something'” but a Google search has resulted in something almost as wonderful as this blog (:

(sidebar–in the sentence above, I accidently typed ‘blot’–which, unfortunately seems apropos–but! this is a student writer’s area!!!)

Anyway, look for __s_i_m_p_l_y__t_i_m_o_t_h_y__ radio, baby!


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