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Somehow, this blog got “de-activated” by google/blogger and I created a new blog after saving the content of this one.

Well, this one is still here, so I am deleting my new blog and putting its posts in this post.

This way everything new is old again!

Friday, May 4, 2007
Woo Hoo!

How about them Devil Rays.

Look at these standings for May 4, 2007 from

2007 American League Standings
Boston 19 9 .679 – 9-4 10-5 145 100 Won 3 7-3
Baltimore 13 16 .448 6.5 8-6 5-10 122 130 Won 1 2-8
Toronto 13 16 .448 6.5 7-7 6-9 145 138 Lost 4 4-6
Tampa Bay 13 16 .448 6.5 7-8 6-8 139 183 Lost 1 5-5
NY Yankees 12 15 .444 6.5 6-7 6-8 161 146 Lost 1 4-6

A 5 way tie for second place in the AL East and the D-rays are in the mix.


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Friday, April 27, 2007

Got Drupal 5.1 installed on the corporate site. I am starting configuration. My goal is a professional site that somehwhat mimics in purpose and beauty.

till next time.


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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
An epiphany

I am grokking the drupal platform and hacking at 4.7 for my client. 5.0 is out and I am getting ideas about integrating a LMS* into the CMS* without (of course) the TLA’s*

Well, laws a mussy, reading the drupal site, I learned that Tim Berners Lee the Inventor of the internet does his blog with Drupal…whoo hoo!

Then it hit me.

When it comes to coding, I need to filter my reading to the best minds out there….

Gotta run, will update this post anon.

^LMS = Learning Managment System
*CMS = Content Managment System
*TLA = Three Letter Acronym

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Thursday, March 15, 2007
Hacking Drupal

I just want to get back to posting.

Not much to say.

At my day job, I have been hacking at Drupal and really enjoying its architecture.

It has several sub-systems of moderate comlexity that keep my interest.

It is good to be posting.



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Wednesday, March 7, 2007
todo: add my old links back..

The world needs the Butter Pig and everybodys gotta get their dose of Dr. Biggles at Meat Henge

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Monday, March 5, 2007
Well, that was a mistake

In a fit of stupidity, I deleted my old blog at

I know, I know…so very many of you depend on this site…ok—one person a very long time ago made a comment, but still, I have a responsibility to my reading public.

After I deleted, I managed to pull up a rss feed (I still don’t know what an rss feed is) and got links to my old site and its content.

Know what? I liked it; I liked reading what I wrote.

So, I cranked up emacs and started cutting and pasting all my old posts into an archive.

2 years I have been posting and I have about 120 posts to my credit;

I intend to get my emacs extension to this blogger api working (I made a request to google on my blog to do so, and they did so–woo hoo!) and re-submit all my old posts.

I started this site to force myself to put my thoughts to pen and paper (so to speak), reveal my weaknesses in thought, reasoning,prose and to develop over time.

Its working.

If nobody ever reads the darn thing, it is working for me.

I am glad to be back.

All the best.


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