The Howl of the Conservatives

update–Peggy Noonan weighs in with this:

While the marchers seemed to be good people, and were very likable, the march itself, I think, violated the old immigrant politesse–the general understanding that you’re not supposed to get here and immediately start making demands. It would never have occurred to my grandparents to demand respect. They thought they had to earn it. It would never have occurred to them to air mass grievances, assert rights, issue a list of legislative demands. Especially if they were here unlawfully.

I happen to think America in general has deep affection for immigrants, knows they are part of the dynamic, a part of our growth and our endless coming-into-being. But when your heart is soft, and America’s is, your head must be hard.

We are a sovereign nation operating under the rule of law. That, in fact, is why many immigrants come here. They come from places where the law, such as it is, is corrupt, malleable, limiting. Does it make sense to subvert our own laws to facilitate the entrance of those in pursuit of government by law? Whatever our sentiments and sympathies as individuals, America has the right, and the responsibility, to protect the integrity of its borders, to make the laws by which immigrants are granted entrance, and to enforce those laws.

I think open-borders proponents are, simply, wrong. I think those who call good people like members of the voluntary border patrols “yahoos” are snobs. I think those whose primary concern is preserving the Hispanic vote for the Democratic Party, or not losing the Hispanic vote for the Republican Party, are being cynical, selfish, and stupid, too. It’s not all about who gets what vote, it’s about continuing a system of laws that has allowed America to become, among many other things, a place immigrants want to come to. And it’s about admitting immigrants in a coherent, orderly, legal manner, with an eye first to what America needs. That’s how you continue a good thing, which is what we’ve had. That’s how you leave Americans who’ve been here for a while grateful for immigration, and immigrants, and loving them, and even wanting, sometimes, to kiss their hands.

The person calling “me” a yahoo is Bill Kristol over at the weekly standard.

The people deciding not to continue a system of laws that has allowd America to become …a place immigrants want to come to–include President Bush and Senator Martinez.

Irreconcilable Differences over at NRO has posted some emails that reflect __s_i_m_p_l_y__t_i_m_o_t_h_y_’_s views about the republicans and especially President Bush.

Here is an example email from their blog

“I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of President Bush and am absolutely appalled that ‘conservatives’ continue to support the most ‘big-government’ president at least since LBJ whose incompetence on so many issues (not the least of which is immigration) threatens our country and Reagan conservatism in so many ways. In doing what he does under the banner of ‘conservativism’ he is single-handedly destroying a movement that so many worked so long and so hard to build. I never thought I would live to see such a terrible waste of political opportunity.” [From California.]

I too am strategizing (Bushisms like ‘strategery’ are so out) about how to vote this midterm.

Frankly, I want to vote against every damn R I see on the ballot, I am that angry with republicans so we can clear out some brush to get some conservatives in.

However, this President is dangerous. The thought that he would be a brake against democratic spending and immigration policy is ludicrous given his terrible track record on both.

Another option I am considering is urging support for the democrat’s wish to impeach President Bush with the hope that a President Cheney and Vice-President Rice would get the message that conservatives are fed up.


GM’s Corner feels the same. (hat tip Instapundit)


p.s. to ‘all’ my readers; please pardon the confusion on what the heck gets capitalized in Republican vs republican etc…I will study it some day, promise.



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