The Real Cuba

I have a soft spot for Cubans (ok, I HAVE a soft spot–my belly–because I eat too many Cuban Sandwiches!) Here in Florida, the people who have fled Castro’s “revolution” bring elegance, a searing intellect, a warm family life and an appreciation for freedom that has to be experienced–I cannot convey it in words.

In my student pilot days, I took 3 check-rides with a Cuban ex-patriot and what a joy to fly with this guy. First, he is a professional. First (seriously, you can have two firsts) he is a Pilot.
Second, he is a really nice guy and a joy to be around–a wonderful human being–if we werent’ so close to being the same age, I would like to call him Grandpa. Lastly, he is a Cuban living in America (and probably calls himself an American, now.)

Why this gushing of warmth? (I know, very out of character.)

I ran across this link: The Real Cuba

It’s time for America to free Cuba.



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