Why I won’t defend him anymore…

Why I won’t defend him anymore…

I am a conservative.

I believe in small, limited, effective government that
does a few things well.

I twice voted for G.W. Bush and have become disgusted
with what he has done to the conservative movement.

I used to fight back when the left would fight him;
small things like “counter graffitti” in a mens room.

Engaging in patient, civilized discussion over the virtues of the Conservative approach to ordering our nation.

No more.

It was no one thing, it was the slow accumulation of frustration as I watched missed opportunity after missed opportunity, soft insult after soft insult. The dawning idea that the Conservative movement had been hijacked by a democrat.

The education bill without school vouchers.
Campaign finance reform.
Cronyism:Harriet Miers.Brownie.Chertoff.

No border enforcement.
Proposing drivers licenses for illegal immigrants.

No private accounts for social security.


Setting back conservative outreach to black people by at least
20 years. Go to the 9’th ward and utter, “compassionate conservativism”

Largest increase in government, ever.
Increased revenues and a busted budget.
No vetoes over spending.
Lying about the cost of the medicare prescription drug benefit.

The “new tone”
Accomadating, not defeating political enemies.

Reactive style, not proactive.
Little imagination.

Can’t enunciate.
Doesn’t lead.
Can’t teach.

Empowering big-government democrats.

The Ratchet effect, now I have to listen about draconian cuts from these draconian increases.

The conservative movement is miles ahead of him and we have to slow down to pull this guy along.

Its like a talented football team with a lousy coach–after a while, you just stop playing for the loser.

Its too the point that when I see him on t.v. or hear him on the radio, I turn it off.

Let’s look at the ports deal atmospherics. What is happening now is what happens consistently under the Bush administration. Conservatives are blind-sided by a major revelation. All sides are polarized and then Bush REACTS in defense. A month or more is wasted over his failure to lead effectivily. In the end,conservativism has not advanced while conservatives spend their energy cleaning up another Bush mess.

It happened with Katrina.
It happened with Harriet Miers.
It happened with the education bill.
It happened with campaign finance reform.

No more–I am done with it.


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