Answer the question, “This blog is about….”;

Too much!

__s_i_m_p_l_y__t_i_m_o_t_h_y__ is about my interests—A Florida boy’s working class perspective on matters aeronautical, intellectual, theological, political, gastronomical, economical, musical (jazzical AND classical) and progammatical—- and that, I have come to realize is too broad a spectrum for an effective blog.

So, changes are on the way.

Even though nobody is reading, this format is still an effective tool for personal improvement.

What are my ideas? How does my thinking stack up against better minds than mine?

__s_i_m_p_l_y__t_i_m_o_t_h_y__ aint going away (until I die) but changes are coming.

Too all my fans a big smooch!



Posted on March 1, 2006, in aeronautical, architectural, beautifal, classical, comical, cultural, drumable bugleable, economical, familial, felidal, gastronomical, intellectual, jazzical, liberal, mathematical, musical, Odd-toed ungulates, patriotical, political, programattical, quizzical, scientifical, sporticable, stinkable, surferdudeable, theological, unquotable, William F. Buckleyable. Bookmark the permalink. Leave a comment.

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