21 Million for a SUPPRESSED Barret Report

Robert Novak’s piece got my blood boiling.

Republican complicitness in the coverup is disgusting, infuriating and disillusioning.

I have sensed that there is a tendency to “paper over” unpleasant truths by this administration and this congress and I think this is another manifestation of that tendency.

Novak points out that the “only” line of hope lies with Republican Senator Charles Grassley,

Chuck Grassley is a stubborn Iowa farmer who often drives the White House and Republican leaders to distraction. He has said that if the Barrett report finally emerges as a mutilated remnant in order to protect the IRS, he will press for legislation to change that. It may be the last hope for the truth to emerge.

I have written both my Senators and Senator Charles Grassley urging them to take action to make sure this report sees the light of day.



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