Richard Pryor, Rest In Peace

See you in Heaven

–laughing and smiling, but deadly serious in the happy, joyful way you know life is to be lived.

…the way you live it.

…the way you share it with us.

…through your pain, foul-mouth, raunchy jokes ….

…your good acting (:

…through your deadly honesty through sin and into Grace….

…the twinkle in your eyes–even after your face was on fire
from smoking coke! you feared (like I do), you felt (like we do), you thought(like few do)
and then you made us (all) laugh–not in mockery, but in humility–for we are all
you…only you just had the guts to be us for us–and to teach us how
to be Godly humans.

…you were/are Heaven on Earth.

…When I get there, please, let’s walk, talk, tell stories and jokes and smile.

With profound respect for the gifts and lessons you have taught me,

I love you, Richard Pryor.

You are an honest man.

Glorified in Heaven, I am sure of it.



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