I am not alone in my dispiritedness with the GOP

Brain Terminal echoes my thoughts and expresses them better than I do.

Please bear with me as I get over being depressed and angry–I can’t write what I scream at the radio.

I am almost as angry as I was during 2000 when Gore tried to steal the election.

I am almost as angry as I was when a judge decided Terri Shiavo should die. (spare me the arguments that she was already dead…)

We work, pray and sweat to advance Conservative principles and the people we elect–calling themselves Conservative–betray us.

These people–these abject failures–are now labled Conservative and now I have two battles: fight to correct the mis-applied lable and fight the bastards who gave me fight number 1.

I am also disappointed in Rush Limbaugh…I think he is “sticking to form” as Rome burns.

What I mean is that he has adopted attacking Democrats and Liberals as the means to preserving
the Republican majority. Where I think he is missing the boat (and I could be wrong) is that when
you stop advancing your agenda and attacking somebody else’s you are already losing.

Republicans, I am a Conservative and cannot fight for you….you will fail on your own and we Conservatives will start over.

I am considering my options, but I cannot support Republicans anymore–I am a Conservative.



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