The D-minus presidency

The Conservative back-lash against the the Bush Presidency has begun; that is a good thing.
With typicall Conservative goodwill, Let’s start with some positives of the D-minus president.

  • The war in Iraq is a success and the right strategy.
  • The tax cuts have increased revenue and spurred a sound economic expansion.

Two cheers for the President. Now for the negatives.

  • Communication.
    • “The new tone” is a failure. Bush’s strategy of pre-emptive surrender has merely emboldened his political enemies and demoralized his conservative base. The Conservative movement did not win Congress by ‘mis-articulating’ its core principles of limited government, economic growth and personal liberty.
    • Mr. President,could you please work on completing a sentence without inserting a few dozen “um”s and “er”s?
    • Mr. President, your silence on Iraq is irresponsible. Your strategy is WORKING and you don’t talk it up. Bill Kristol has more on this at the Weekly Standard
    • Mr. President, your failure to refute the current “Bush Lied” narrative is irresponsible. Others (as they have been doing for 6 fricking years) are
      doing your work for you. Victoria Toensing makes your case for you at Opinion Journal. It is
      time for you to go on offense
    • Your 5 week vacation communicated a LOT of things about you to the public.
  • Competence.
    • A core argument of the Conservative philosophy is that government should do a few things, but that the things it does do, it should do well.
    • Your irresponsible and deadly appointment of Michael Brown to head FEMA. Chuck Taggart labels it criminal negligence.
    • Julie Myers to head immigration? Michelle Malkin demolishes you in this post
    • Social Security reform–failure
    • Tax reform–failure
    • Education bill without vouchers–despicable
    • Border control. Mr. President, you are beyond incompetent on this issue; You are complicit. The Minute Man Project has put the lie to the argument that the border cannot be controled.
  • Spending
    • Medicare prescription drug benefit low-balled at what 200 Billion, its up to what now?.
    • Zero vetoes
    • Biggest expansion of government ever
    • Increased revenues from the Supply Side tax cuts and you let the Congress spend it all withouth a freak
      ing peep!

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