Printing under Linux

If you run Linux (I run Slackware 10.0) then do go here and make CUPS your friend.

Except for a stint as head of I.T. at a start-up in Orlando that lasted for a year, I have been focusing on my flight training for the past three years.

Now that I have my ratings, have moved and started a business, I am starting to delve into my linux development again.

I like to start simple to get in the groove. Yesterday, I compiled Enlightenment DR17 and did some light reading on getting my hp2840 printer working under linux.

I also compiled xpp and added it to my WindowMaker icon bar (Funny thing about Enlightenment 17, as non-root user, my menus don’t display any commands; i.e. I can’t even launch an x-term. It is available as root, but I don’t work as root–ergo,prompter,ad-hoc-soc I am sticking with WindowMaker)

Then, I got my printer working! (except for color, but that’s ok for now)

Next up: EDS viewer, Kodak EasyShare camera and then database schema and J2EE design.



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