Red Beans and Rice, Bucs Vs. Dolphins and a beautiful fall day in FLA!

Today I am making Red Beans and Rice the way Sazerac does. Notice that the onion is sauteed separately from the celery–this enables the onions to caramalize.

Then, I am going to sit on my couch and watch football!

My Buccaneers are taking on my original Florida Team the Miami Dolphins. With both teams, I have had the privilege of watching some special seasons–I was a boy in 72 when the Dolphins went undefeated and I still remember the names: Csonka, Griese, Mercury Morris…and a few years ago I got to watch my bucs go to the superbowl with Sapp, Brooks, Lynch, Allstott, Barber…

Unfortunately, I think the bucs are overrated this year–Griese the younger has been coughing up the ball several times a game and we lost to the Jets because of him. (That and Gruden benching Alstott after the first series…Gruden is–imho–a lousy coach)

Should be a lovely day.



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