Unicorns or TB win + WAS tie + GB loss + TB clinches strength of victory tiebreaker over GB


Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tampa Bay clinches a playoff berth:
1) TB win + WAS tie + GB loss + TB clinches strength of victory tiebreaker over GB
(Note: TB clinches strength of victory tiebreaker over GB if all of the following teams win: TEN, IND, DAL and SF)


The “Moral Imperitive” of taking in Syrian refugees.

Both Kissinger and Albright have urged Americans to take in more “refugees”

They do this by appealing to our moral sense; “it is the right thing to do, therefore we should do it”.

Since morals are universal, it follows that they apply in Israel too. Therefore, Israel should take in more refugees too.

I am not aware of Israel taking any of the “refugees” currently invading Europe.

I look forward to Kissinger and Albright urging Israel to do the same.

As an American, it makes sense that Kissinger’s and Albright’s experiment happen there. We can view the success of the endeavor remotely.
The “tolerance” of both sides will be on full display and we can judge the motives of the refugees; if the ‘tolerant refugees’ can integrate into Israel then we can safely assume they can integrate into America.

Two generations should be a good length of time for this judgement.

Calico Citty RIP


God granted me about fifteen years with my beloved Calico Citty.

Today, July 11 2015, I was with her as she breathed her last on the front porch here in the Appalachian Mountains. It is a beautiful warm summer day, the kind of day and she loved. I told her I loved her as she died.

She rests there as I type these words.

God granted my prayer that she die in peace and without pain. I am very grateful to Him for this.

Here she is about one year ago, the view is out my window from the computer where I type this.


My beloved cat. You have taught me so much. “Of course you have to love me!” is your way of being and it is exactly how we spent your life on this earth together.

I will sing your songs and sayings to you now that you are in heaven.

“Calico Citty, you’re just so pretty.
Pretty, pretty, pretty pretty Calico(!) Citty.
Calico Citty, you’re just so pretty.
Pretty, pretty Calico Citty…..”


“You’re so pretty, you must be a Calico Citty. You know the kind, the kind that’s just so Pretty!”


“Hurley burley girly your my girly girly girly, your my hurly burly girly girly girly girl!”


Hello scraga-muffin! scritch, scritch, scritch (as I scritched her head)


Here goes Calico
Here goes Calico
Calico Citty Cute! (she’s the cutey-cute)

I do not know how old you where when I adopted you in Port Richey, yet your rabies certificate states you got that in August 1, 2002. I adopted her from the New Port Richey SPCA on Congress St. http://spcasuncoast.org/ Her rabies vaccination was given back in August 1 2002, so I know she is at least 13 years old. The shelter named her Kali, but I did not like that name so I renamed her Calico Citty (Cali for short).

My beloved Calico Citty. I love you. I will see you in heaven.

Thank you God for the gift that is her.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you God for your myriad blessings.
Please continue to restore our beloved country to its covenant relationship with You.
Thank you for your chastening and your strength of character that demands righteousness and truth.
Thank you for exposing the lies of our elected ‘leaders’ and beginning to point the way to the restoration.
Thank you for the courage of your saints.
Thank you for protecting us as this storm swirls about.

Thank you for our peaceful home-life and the everyday blessings and smiles you bring our way.


“Americans Won’t Give Up Their Freedom And Prosperity – Unless They Are Frightened Into It”

"Americans Won't Give Up Their Freedom And Prosperity – Unless They Are Frightened Into It".

America The Beautiful

A Glorious and Blessed Fourth to my fellow patriots.

The way God answers a prayer..

I have been fulminating a lot over the evil that is our Federal Government at all levels–Obama, Congress, Three-Letter-Agencies–etc.

I pray for our Liberty and the America I love. Like many Americans, I am angry, repentant for my part in her trials and ready to kick these bastards out and get about being free people again.

“God?”, I prayed, again, as I was putting away a grocery cart. Looking up I saw a vanity plate on the front of a car that read: “Prayer changes things”

I knew with that look that God was answering me. To those who know God and Jesus, the experience is quite familiar. To those who do not–well, you do not.

God said “Yes, America will be restored”

Grace and Peace.

D-Day 2014

Thank you, men.

A prayer for American Vets

Thank you.

Chewsterton Orthodoxy

Glad I read it.

Chesterton’s prose gets tiresome after while.

His apologetics are wonderful.