Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you God for your myriad blessings.
Please continue to restore our beloved country to its covenant relationship with You.
Thank you for your chastening and your strength of character that demands righteousness and truth.
Thank you for exposing the lies of our elected ‘leaders’ and beginning to point the way to the restoration.
Thank you for the courage of your saints.
Thank you for protecting us as this storm swirls about.

Thank you for our peaceful home-life and the everyday blessings and smiles you bring our way.


“Americans Won’t Give Up Their Freedom And Prosperity – Unless They Are Frightened Into It”

"Americans Won't Give Up Their Freedom And Prosperity – Unless They Are Frightened Into It".

America The Beautiful

A Glorious and Blessed Fourth to my fellow patriots.

The way God answers a prayer..

I have been fulminating a lot over the evil that is our Federal Government at all levels–Obama, Congress, Three-Letter-Agencies–etc.

I pray for our Liberty and the America I love. Like many Americans, I am angry, repentant for my part in her trials and ready to kick these bastards out and get about being free people again.

“God?”, I prayed, again, as I was putting away a grocery cart. Looking up I saw a vanity plate on the front of a car that read: “Prayer changes things”

I knew with that look that God was answering me. To those who know God and Jesus, the experience is quite familiar. To those who do not–well, you do not.

God said “Yes, America will be restored”

Grace and Peace.

D-Day 2014

Thank you, men.

A prayer for American Vets

Thank you.

Chewsterton Orthodoxy

Glad I read it.

Chesterton’s prose gets tiresome after while.

His apologetics are wonderful.

Naturalism commands us to believe that mud somehow produced mind.


I don’t take orders.

heh. XKCD for Emacs

Seriously! Its an ELPA package. I just installed it and it works. Totally, freaking cool.

xkcd is an installed package.

Status: Installed in `~/.emacs.d/elpa/xkcd-20140226.2347/'.
Version: 20140226.2347
Requires: json-1.3
Summary: View xkcd from Emacs

emacs-xkcd uses the JSON interface provided by xkcd (http://xkcd.com)
to fetch comics.
Comics can be viewed offline as they are stored by default in
For more information, visit https://github.com/vibhavp/emacs-xkcd
This file is not a part of GNU Emacs.


X-Plane 10 runs on Slackware64 14.1 (with Alien Bob’s 32 compatability libs)


My Dos install shot itself by installing an update I did not ask for as I was shutting down the computer. It warned ominously “do not turn of your computer”.

Yeah, up yours micorsoft it’s my freaking computer and I did not ask you for a darn update nor did you ask me for permission to install it.

So, I shut down the computer.

On next boot to dos (to #uninstall firefox, btw) the boot tried to load a dll, flubalated and frazzled itself. It also toasted the lilo installation on that disk.

Trying to re-install would not happen because the perfectly good partition, with files still on it, and visible and mountable from linux, was not usable for dos (winderz 7 btw).

Well, the only think of value on the dos install was X-plane 10. Since I got the Alien Bob’s 32 bit compat libs installed, and had previously had an install of Ubuntu that ran X-plane-10, I figured what the heck.

It worked. Totally, freaking awesome.

Now, what to install on that old dos partition. I am thinking open solaris or a BSD variant….


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